Hedge Your Bets Against Hedge Fund Domination & Beat Them at Their Own Game

The Housing Market is changing (again) and this could be your LAST opportunity to earn INCOME and build WEALTH with a strategic Real Estate Investment method and plan.


From the Desk of Randy Patrick

I would like to share something with you. Something that has been troubling me for quite some time now.

As I am sure you are aware, there are some major issues going on right now with the Housing Market. Issues that have made it increasingly difficult for everyday Real Estate Investors like you and me to find deals and earn a living.

I am going to start this discussion off by making a rather bold statement: We are facing another Housing Bubble.

Actually, we are not facing one, we are in a Housing Bubble right now.

I want you to realize that it’s not just me who is making that statement.

Many well educated and experienced Economists, Industry Analysts, Attorneys and others have gone on record, in print and on video, stating the same position. You can verify this for yourselves if you do a little research on the Internet.

All the signs of a Housing Bubble are there. In fact, most of them are the same signs that we saw with the previous Housing Bubble and Crisis. Signs that many learned and important people chose to ignore (think Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 2006 - 2014).

We are going to re-live what started and occurred more than a decade ago. It sort of feels a bit like Deja Vu.

Now, If you don’t believe we are in a Housing Bubble, or agree with me on this position, I am going to show you a few of the telltale “signs” that may help jog your memory a bit and prove that history is indeed repeating itself.

However, first Allow me to qualify exactly where we are all at.

Some of you may very well remember the chaos that we all endured over a decade ago. It was a like the Wild West of Real Estate. None of us had experienced a complete Mortgage Meltdown and Housing Crisis before and we thought that we would never see it ever again.

I realize there are those of you that maybe were not involved in the Real Estate market back then, or were still in school, or perhaps watched it all unfold from the sidelines. Please understand that what I am sharing with you actually occurred and is completely verifiable.

  • Lack of Inventory - There simply is not enough homes available for Buyers and Investors & this is a huge concern for the future.
  • Inflated Prices - Home Prices are at all time highs and the Case-Schiller Home Index is approximately 7% greater than it was just prior to the previous Housing Bubble.
  • House Flipping - the number of homes flipped in 2017 produced another record amount. New Investors paid more to acquire deals. 
  • Fraud - according to CoreLogic, the National Fraud Report saw a fairly large increase in the Index for 2017. When home values rise, so does the amount of fraudulent activity.
  • Loan Products - guidelines and standards continue to loosen, lower down payment loans are the norm, the re-emergence of Sub-Prime mortgages along with the growth and liquidity concerns of Non-Bank lenders demonstrate little regard for the future. 
  • New Home Construction - new home starts are down and Builders are concentrating their efforts on higher priced homes in order to offset increased land, material and skilled labor costs, thereby ignoring the segment that needs the most help, affordable housing.
  • Homes Are ATMs Again - more people are stripping the equity out of their properties with Cash Out Refi's and HELOCs. It is estimated that 10 Million homeowners will do this over the next 5 years. 

These are just some of the highlights. There are even more problems affecting the Housing Market that I haven't mentioned, but you see, all of these issues is not what has me worried.

There is something else going on behind the scenes. 

My real concern is the fact that it nobody seems to care that homeowners will experience the same anguish and issues all over again.

Hey even our own Government is encouraging a Bubble mentality by increasing the allowable Debt-to-Income ratio to 50% on FHA mortgages for borrowers.

And the reason why no one seems to care, why no one is stepping up and waving a red flag ….

It's because there is a Housing Conspiracy going on, right in front of our eyes.

Yes, its true. I know this sounds a little far fetched, but hear me out on this. It will make perfect sense to you once I have explained it in full detail.

The "Powers That Be", whether they are from Wall Street, are Politicians, Bureaucrats, the ultra Wealthy, etc.: they are in the process of orchestrating the biggest wealth transfer we have ever seen in History.

Their game plan is to convert all of us into a nation of Renters. That's right, they want to own all the homes, and leave very little for the rest of us.  They want control the Housing Market along with the Rent Rolls, providing good return for their Investors while at the same time increasing the value of their portfolios. 

They are allowing the Housing Market to commit financial genocide. And guess who suffers the most when that happens?

The average homeowner. People like you and me. Homeowners will take it right on the chin and lose their equity or lose their homes to Foreclosure and will face future judgments and other financial issues. The Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds will continue to purchase these properties at the auction, if they even make it to auction and are not transferred in some sort of back door deal, and will eventually rent them to back to the public.

We have all seen this before and it is about to happen all over again.

Remember that Wall Street, Hedge Funds or Whoever: those with lots of money don’t purchase properties at their peak values. They will purchase them when values are at their lowest point.

I know this because we sold many of our properties to some of the biggest Funds out there, Blackstone and America Home For Rent back a few years ago.

The Hedge Funds have purchased less and less homes over the past while as they are far too expensive. Don’t feel sorry for them, It’s a problem that they helped create.

And we know that Hedge Funds have been quietly amassing more and more capital funds over the past few years. They are simply biding their time - waiting for the Housing Market to shift in their favor so they can start buying all over again.

And they sure are more than happy to let the little guy jump in to try to get a piece of the action when prices are skyrocketing. That helps them accomplish their ultimate goal.

So the "Powers That Be" are allowing the market to peak, giving home buying borrowers, some who may not be the most qualified - think Sub Prime -  the ability to over leverage themselves and purchase at the peak of the Housing Market and then they will crash the market so the Hedge Funds and wealthy can purchase those financially distressed properties at the lowest prices possible, rent them out to even more displaced homeowners and then start the whole recovery process once again.

FYI - Millions of people (we are talking approximately 8 Million) lost their homes to Foreclosure during the previous Housing Crisis. That group then became the next wave of Rental customers. It certainly appears like that phenomenon is going to happen all over again. 

The problem with this future phenomenon is that you and I are not going to be able to participate in this opportunity. 

The properties that get Foreclosed on will be transferred to the Hedge Funds via Non Performing Loan (NPL) sales, or they will over pay to purchase them at the auction. We have seen this occur for several years now and once again we will be shut out from acquiring these properties. It's the nature of the game. Big money Buyers (I am talking hundreds of Millions, even Billions here) make the rules. 

So how do we work around this fairly significant issue?

We beat them at their own game. We beat them to the property. We get there first. 

Once we are there we can control it and they will never get their hands on it. Unless of course, we are the ones that end up selling it to them.

So exactly how do we get our hands on and control all these deals? And how are we able to sell those deals to the Hedge Funds?

Allow me the opportunity to show you how I am able to do this .....

Without using any money whatsoever .....

Why Do Short Sales ?

We are going to share 13 Really Great Reasons why should include Short Sales as an Investment Strategy in your Real Estate Business. Short Sales are often misunderstood as there is a lot of misinformation that is passed around about them. Watch the video on the right to learn that Short Sales are the next big opportunity in Real Estate Investment. 


Some of The Top Reasons Why You Should Add Short Sales to Your Real Estate Business

  • There still are many people facing Foreclosure and the numbers have increased over the past few years - we know who they are and where they live so it is easy to market to them.
  • No one is working in this market - No Investors & RE Agents equals No Competition.
  • You are in total control of the deal - from start to finish and you can use the best exit strategy that delivers the maximum profit.
  • You get the best price for the property - there are no mark ups or assignment fees added on because no one is in your way or before your position in the deal. 
  • There are now even more ways to earn income with Short Sales: the last Housing Crisis started a decade ago. Innovation creates opportunity. 

I discussed the Top 13 Reasons in the video ..... however I realized that I left one, very important Reason off the list. The Reason (well, lets just call it a benefit) that most Investors really want to hear, and is critical to moving forward with this concept and technique  ..... is that you can easily Invest in Short Sales, control and manage the deal, and choose the most profitable exit strategy available to you without using any funds or money whatsoever.

Listen ....... I speak with people every day and they express their extreme frustration with the current state of the Housing Market to me because it is so difficult now to find a deal and some make money with it. Sellers are more savvy these days and they want top dollar for their property. To make matters worse, many Wholesalers are taking a lot of the margin out of the deal before they pass it on. It is tough to be successful out there if you are not direct to the Seller. Short Sales only work when you are direct to the Seller.  

Short Sales are the alternative, the answer to what is going on in the Housing Market right now and will be the answer in the near future. There is an untapped niche full of inventory just sitting there, waiting to be taken.

The Short Sale Cash Connection and I will show and teach you how to engage this under the radar market opportunity and how to earn money with this !

This is the Game Changer You Have Been Waiting For !

2017 Was Another Record Year For House Flipping. Over 200,000 Homes Were Flipped. Are You Getting Priced Out of the Market ? Has Your Pipeline Been Marginalized or Dried Up ? Tired of Getting Sucked in By Ridiculosly High ARV Values and Low-Ball Rehab Estimates ? You Can Bypass All the Game Playing and Nonsense When You Engage in Short Sales !

The Short Sale Cash Connection

The Alternative method to earn INCOME and build WEALTH in today's ultra competitive, Real Estate Investment market, without using any of your own MONEY to control the Deals !

Get, and Stay Ahead, of the Masses

Missed the previous Housing Crisis ? Didn't accomplish all the things you set out to do ? This time, be prepared to take advantage of the next BIG opportunity to earn Income and build Wealth through Real Estate Investment. More Wealth is created when there is a downturn in the economy by people who understand what is occurring and know what to do when that time arrives. 

Sell Them to Cash Buyers

With extremely low inventory in the Housing Market, Cash Buyers, Institutional Investors, and even the Retail segment will be lining up to take all those deals off your hands. By implementing the appropriate system and  controlling the Short Sale process, you can decide where your deals will end up and for how much. You get to keep the best ones for your own rental portfolio if you so desire. 

A Huge Supply is There Waiting For You

You may have heard of something called the Shadow Inventory. There are many potential deals just sitting there, under the radar, waiting for Buyers like you, to help them get out from under their distressed financial burden. There is virtually NO competition for these deals and it seems like the Investor Market has forgotten that this opportunity even exists. 

"I have worked with Randy over the years. I appreciate his insight regarding where the Housing Market is headed and am excited to get back into the Short Sale game along with him. "

Fabian A.
Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur

"The number one issue in today's Housing Market is the lack of supply of available homes. Short Sales are an untapped market and can bring immediate, and future relief to the industry. Randy's knowledge, experience and techniques are the main reasons why I am partnering with him and involved in his program. "

Christina H.
Real Estate Broker / Investor

"I agree that a Market Shift is coming and there will be ample opportunity to acquire financially distressed deals. Randy's methods are proven and effective for today's competitive Real Estate environment. I love the fact that you can control deals without using any of your own money."

Frank C.
COO - The Smart Pages

No Deals = No Income

Listen, we get it: the Housing Market is really tough out there. If you are not getting your hands on good deals today, then you need to add Short Sales to build your pipeline. If you are currently doing deals now as a Real Estate Investor, then you should add Short Sales in order to scale your business.